Garmin 430
 An Introduction to Aviation GPS

Garmin 430 NAV Chapter


Page 1 - The default page in the NAV chapter shows the CDI (course deviation indicator) across the top. The aircraft is represented by the green triangle while the vertical line represents the course. The six numeric fields shown below that may be customized by the user by pressing the  MENU  key.

Page 2 - The moving map page shows an overhead view of the aircraft that includes airspaces, airports, and fixes. If a flight plan has been activated, the active leg will be shown in purple. The remaining legs in the flight plan will be indicated in white. The view may be zoomed in/out using the  RNG  rocker key.

Page 3 - The terrain page (not available in some 400-series models) shows color-coding to indicate the presence of terrain that is close to the altitude of the aircraft.

Page 4 - The NAVCOM page shows frequencies for departure, enroute, and arrival airports.

Page 5 - The position page shows a variety of positional information including the identifier for the nearest airport, its bearing and distance.

Page 6 - The status page provides a visual reference of satellite coverage and GPS receiver status.

Page 7 - The vertical navigation page allows the pilot to create a three dimensional profile of a flight.